After School Results - Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center Third Trimester 2016-2017 School Year

July 2017

This summary details the statistical results of the 180 Degrees Program that ended during the 3rd Trimester of the 2016-2017 school year at the following 9 schools in the Sacramento area, managed by the Chinese Community Service Center:

Camellia Basic Elementary School
Caroline Wenzel Elementary School
Earl Warren Elementary School
John Bidwell Elementary School
John Still K-8 School
Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 School
Nicholas Elementary School
Pacific Elementary School
Woodbine Elementary School

The project commenced with the beginning of the 3rd Trimester, approximately April 01, 2017. The 3rd Trimester ended approximately June 06, 2017.  A total of 621 students enrolled in the project at 9 schools; 164 - 3th grade students, 157 - 4th grade students, 147 - 5th grade students and 153 - 6th grade students.

Students gender and ethnicity consisted of 311 Female (50.1%); 310 Male (49.9%); 141 African American (22.7%); 7 American Indian (1.1%); 141 Asian (22.7%); 25 Caucasian (4.0%); 3 East Indian (0.5%); 248 Hispanic (39.9%); 2 Middle Eastern (0.3%); 14 Pacific Islander (2.3%); 40 other/unknown (6.4%).
Progress of the students was measured by a pre and post program comparative analysis of the students' GPA's, Core Grades (Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Sciences), Full Day Absences, Documented Disciplinary Incidents and Life Skills Development.  The data was collected from school records and Personal Development Surveys and entered into the 180 Degrees Program Electronic Data Base.  In addition, daily attendance of the students in the 180 classes was recorded and entered into the database.
SCCSC collected data from elementary sites using a trimester schedule Behaviors Contributing to Learning utilizing the following scale: O - Outstanding = 3; S - Satisfactory = 2; N - Needs Improvement = 1.
At the end of the third trimester, in addition to recording Behaviors Contributing to Learning, SCCSC reported the collective average grades of the students comparing the end of the first trimester to the end of the third trimester. The following grading rubric and grading scale was used:
A = Advanced (180 GPA equivalent = A/4)
P = Proficient (180 GPA equivalent = B/3)
B = Basic (180 GPA equivalent = C/2)
BB = Below Basic (180 GPA equivalent = D/1)
FBB = Far Below Basic (180 GPA equivalent = F/0)
The following average results were obtained during the 3rd trimester by the 9 schools participating in the 180 Degrees Program:
The combined average rating of the Behaviors Contributing to Learning of the participating students in 27 of the classes at the beginning of the first trimester of the 2016-17 academic school - year was 3.11. During the third trimester of the 2016-17 school - year, their average combined rating for Behaviors Contributing to Learning increased to 3.75, representing a 20.6% increase.
The average attendance for the 621 students that remained in the program was 91.1%.
GPA's available for the 621 students that remained in the program prior to training was 2.49.  At the end of the 3rd Trimester, their average GPA improved to 2.89, representing a 16.1% increase.

For additional details and results view full report.