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What the Program is About

Core Values

Operating philosophies and principles that guide conduct

Character Education

Skills to help social, emotional, and behavioral development

Life Skills

Skills that allow people to act upon their core values and ethical beliefs

21st Century Skills

Skills that prepare youth for the digital, global age of innovation

Community Outreach

Authentic application of skills in the local and global communities

The 180° Program is broken down into three sections that allow participants the structure and time to develop their skills in the five key program elements.

1st Degree: Self-Awareness

Personal Values, Character Qualities, Empathy, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect, Setting Your Personal Compass, Evaluating Values, Recognizing Emotions, Evaluation & Reflection

2nd Degree: Self-Development & Management

Setting & Achieving Goals, Identifying & Dealing with Pressure, Being Courageous, Regulating Emotions, Resolving Conflict, Developing Fortitude & Determination, Thinking Critically

3rd Degree: Positive Decision Making

Making Positive Choices, Ethics, Safety, Tolerance, Consideration of Others, Evaluation of Circumstances Appropriately to Understand Consequences of Actions

4th Degree: Relationship Skills

Healthy Relationships, Effective Communication, Cooperation, Resisting Negative Social Pressure, Addressing Conflict Appropriately, Helping Others, Seeking Help

5th Degree: Social Responsibility & Awareness

Understanding Your Environment, Collaboration, Teamwork, Technical Fluency, Perspective Analysis & Evaluation, Creative & Critical Thinking, Negotiations & Compromise, Adaptability & Leadership, Citizenship, Community Responsibility, Applying Your Compass in Various Situations (home, school, technology, community, work)